The Experience of Working with TSES

All our clients' events are different, and as a first step, we therefore work with  our clients to establish the purpose of their event - what they are trying to achieve. With that in mind, we design, research and write the programme, define the speaker profile, design the session formats and guide the communications activities around the event. 

As no two events are the same, and we build a bespoke team for each client event that reflect the expertise required to deliver an on-purpose, memorable and high-impact event.  Our team integrate seamlessly with our clients' teams, offsite and onsite, as required, in your timezone.


Who We Are

About Tina

Fascinated by the power of events as a medium of communications and of co-creation of solutions, throughout her career, Tina has remained involved in creating and delivering high-level, multi-stakeholder events for audiences ranging from heads of states, global business leaders, global youth and civil society organisations.

Before that, Tina managed Hot Spots Movement, a London-based boutique research consultancy specialised in the future of work. During her 10 years at Hot Spots Movement, Tina was instrumental in building the business’ revenue streams, as well as recruiting and training a team of researchers, facilitators, trainers and consultants.

Prior to her role at Hot Spots Movement, Tina managed events companies in several countries, most notably as regional manager at the Institute for International Research.

Tina holds a master’s degree from CBS (Copenhagen Business School) in Business, Intercultural Studies and Modern Languages.

A native of Denmark, Tina speaks English, French and Danish and enjoys working in different countries and cultural and organisational contexts.