Case Study: Interactive, Multi-Speaker Virtual Summit

Together with our partners, Speakers Associates, Mediactive and Hub Culture, we hosted a highly successful, free-to-attend virtual event. WE WON'T STOP TALKING on 15 April. 

At a moment, during the Covid-19 crisis, when most of us were faced with blanks in our diaries and were grappling with uncertainty about the sustainability of business models as we knew them, we wanted to share insights from some of the world's most interesting thought leaders and give the participants the chance to interact with them. Considering the highly unusual circumstances, speed of delivering the event was of the essence, and we embraced an approach to the event which was open for all, and "unplugged".  In just over three weeks from TSES conceived the idea, the Summit had been delivered. We didn't want to stage an 'all bells & whistles' event but one that reflected what was on the minds of great thought leaders right now, as a backdrop for participants to reflect on the Covid-crisis and not least what the next steps would be.  

Over 1,600 participants from 90+ countries signed up, and over 1,400 participated in Summit. This is an exceptionally strong conversion rate, which contributed to making WE WON'T STOP TALKING a great source of insights for TSES and our partners about how to design and deliver high-impact virtual events, during as well as after the event.

Our disginguished speakers were Alex Osterwalder, Howard Yu, Rahaf Harfoush, Thimon de Jong, Rita McGrath, René Carayol MBE, Mark Ritson and Peter Fisk, several of whom joined us on subsequent Focus Group Webinars.  

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